Senior Pastor Position

For over 200 years, New Village Church in Lake Grove has proclaimed the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Now, NVC is looking for a pastor to lead its membership in its revitalization. We seek a man able to balance envisioning and working for needed change with respect for our history and patience for our people. He must be convinced that God has called him to be both mission-minded visionary and loving shepherd to our current congregation. He must love God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength, love the members of the congregation as he loves himself and be committed to loving the local community and leading the congregation in outreach. He will have a high view of Scripture and of God’s sovereignty; must affirm the total depravity of man and the election of the saints; and must be convinced of the necessity of expository preaching. Humble to serve in a variety of roles, he will be resourceful to draw upon internal and external resources and resilient to withstand difficulty and disappointment in the midst of spiritual battle. Through it all he must be a man who finds his identity in Christ, not in the “success” of his ministry.

Preferred Minimum Education: M.Div.

Preferred Experience: Ordained, having served as a Pastor for at least 5 years, including experience in church revitalization or planting/replanting.

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