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More than 5 years of sermons are archived here starting from the most recent.

Recent Messages

Nov 6 Propitiation

by: Steve Massaro | Scripture: Romans 3:21–26

Oct 30 Jesus is God: God Says So!

by: Nick Camillone | Scripture: Hebrews 1

Oct 23 What Have We Done With That Commandment?

by: Paul Nelson | Scripture: Exodus 20:8–11

Oct 16 The Lord, He is God

by: Mark Harrigan | Scripture: 1 Kings 18:19–46

Sep 25 This is the Way: A Graphic Image

by: Nick Camillone | Scripture: Leviticus 10:1

Sep 18 Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

by: Fred Schwamb | Scripture: Acts 8:26–40